Service of PVTRANSTransportation of gas products and chemicals

As the only oil and gas transportation provider of PetroVietnam, PVTrans is assigned to develop gas products and chemical transportation services to meet the increasing demand of the national economy and the international market.

Currently, in cooperation with other PetroVietnam’s subsidiaries, PVTrans now owns a Gas Shipping Company to operate and charter a fleet of LPG carriers. The company plans to acquire more tankers to expand the fleet up to 10 LPG carriers by 2015. In addition, PV Trans is as well co-operating with PVGas and PVPower to prepare for the import, transportation, storage, sales and distribution of LNG and CNG in Vietnam.

In combination with the development of a petrochemical and chemical industry in Vietnam, PVTrans plans to develop and expand its fleet including carriers for chemicals such as Propylene, Ammoniac (NH3), VCM, tar, etc.